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Due to a system upgrade, ECGs will not be performed on Sunday, January 3rd at BC Biomedical Patient Service Centres. Please click here for more details.

At the physician’s request, BC Biomedical will perform electrocardiograms on patients to help in the diagnosis of heart disorders in all of our Patient Service Centres.

Twelve (12) Lead ECGs with a ten (10) second rhythm strip are recorded at the majority of our Patient Service Centres. We record only resting ECGs. No stress testing of any type is performed.

Service Information

Appointments may be booked, but are not necessary. Non-booked patients will be served on a first-come, first-served basis, with the exception of a STAT order which will be handled immediately. House call and Long Term Care ECG requests may be arranged through our Mobile Lab Services.

Processing of ECGs

ECGs are forwarded for interpretation to a Cardiologist/Internist of the physician’s choice. The Cardiologist/Internist is responsible for the report return to the ordering physician and any copy requests. Report return to the ordering physician is approximately three working days but may vary depending on the reading physician. We keep copies of ECGs for three years.

STAT ECG Criteria

If an ECG meets one of the following criteria, we will attempt to contact the ordering physician immediately and request direction as to the handling of the patient and the ECG. If the ordering physician is unavailable, our staff will then contact the designated reading physician.

If it is the opinion of the ordering or consultant physician that an acute myocardial infarction or other significant cardiac problem exists, the patient will be advised to go to the nearest emergency department. In most cases, an ambulance will be called.


Heart rate of 45 bpm or less with symptoms OR 40 bpm or less without symptoms


Heart rate of 120 bpm or greater



Ventricular Tachycardia

Three (3) or more VPBs together

S-T Elevation

1 mm or greater with symptoms

S-T Depression

2 mm or greater

Third Degree Heart Block

For further information, please contact our Supervisor for Cardiac Services at:
604-507-5160 or 1-800-565-1441. Also view our Patient Information Brochure here.

Electrocardiogram Protocol

Please also note that patients suspected of having an acute coronary syndrome should NOT be sent to a laboratory for an ECG and/or tests for cardiac markers. Rather, they should be sent to the nearest hospital emergency department. (Evaluation of Acute Chest Pain for Acute Coronary Syndromes - Guidelines and Protocols Advisory Committee, November 1, 2003)

Cardiac Services

For further information, please contact our Supervisor for Cardiac Services.

  • 604-507-5160
  • 1-800-565-1441

ECG Patient Instructions

Read our ECG patient information brochure:

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