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Sample Rejection

BC Biomedical will reject a sample where the identity of the patient or the integrity of sample has been compromised. When the laboratory collected the sample, the patient will be recalled for collection. In the case of a physician-collected sample, the physician’s office will be notified of the rejection.

We recognize that from time to time a sample that meets our rejection policies might be difficult to recollect or be irreplaceable. It may be acceptable to make an exception in this circumstance in accordance with special procedures and sign-offs. These cases will be handled individually.

Sample Rejection Criteria

Sample Labelling Rejections

  • Unlabelled
  • Sample labelled with more than one name
  • Requisition and Sample Labelling mismatch (Name/PHN/Date of Birth)

Sample Integrity Rejections

  • Incorrect container or preservative that would invalidate results
  • Temperature-dependent storage not adhered to
  • Sample not suitable for analysis (interference from hemolysis, lipemia, etc.)
  • Insufficient quantity of sample for analysis
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