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Sample Identification

Misidentification or mislabelling of a patient sample poses a significant risk that compromises patient safety. At BC Biomedical, we take great care to properly identify patients and label their samples when they present to one of our Patient Service Centres (PSC). At arrival, patients will be asked to present their provincial health card (PHN) and state their name and date of birth. This information will be verified at every step of their visit with us.

The same vigilance is required for physician-collected samples. Please label samples before the patient leaves the examination or treatment room and ensure the label matches the accompanying requisition.

Minimum information required for sample labelling*:

  • Patient last and first name
  • PHN and/or date of birth
  • Site of collection or type of specimen

Samples that are received without this information or where the information fails to match the accompanying requisition may be rejected.

BC Biomedical Laboratories reserves the right to refuse samples that do not meet minimum standards as set by the Diagnostic Accreditation Program of British Columbia.

*Accreditation Standards 2007 for Laboratory Medicine, Diagnostic Accreditation Program and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. Standard 42.2
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