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Best Practices for SOPLR in EMR/Physician Practice Systems

Standard Outpatient MovieThe following guidelines describe the electronic requisition practices that optimize BC Biomedical Laboratories’ ability to detect and register all tests requested by the physician. These features have been demonstrated to reduce missed tests and patient recalls.

Optimal Electronic Laboratory Requisition Completion

  1. The requisition must be based on the Standard Out-Patient Laboratory Requisition (SOPLR) issued by the Medical Services Commission (MSC). BC Biomedical uses the SOPLR for its requisition. If you use an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) generated requisition, it must conform EXACTLY to the SOPLR including the privacy and quality assurance statements at the bottom of the requisition. Requisitions not complying with the SOPLR cannot be accepted. We advise you to periodically review your electronic requisition against the SOPLR to ensure it remains compliant.
  2. All demographic fields must be completed including:
    • PHN
    • Patient Surname, First Name (and Initial, if available)
    • Date of Birth\Gender\Ordering Physician Name, Address, and MSP Practitioner Number
    • Diagnosis and indications for guideline protocol and special tests
    • Date
    • Physician signature (electronic or hand-written)
  3. Use tick boxes to select tests as available. Ensure the tick mark (or x) is easily viewable.
  4. Avoid the temptation to hand write and type on the same requisition.
  5. When adding additional tests using text, please ensure they stand out from the rest of the requisition by using some of the following suggestions:
    • Larger font and/or
    • Bolder print and/or
    • List (rather than string) the test names

See the following examples for your reference

Difficult to read

Difficult to read 1

Easier to see additional tests

Easier to read

Difficult to read

Difficult to read 2

Easier to read, but does not match the approved MSC SOPLR

Easier to read 2

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