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Access Your Lab Test Results Using my ehealth

BC Biomedical Laboratories offers free, secure internet access to your test results through my ehealth. This easy to use service provides a convenient way to access your lab results from any computer with internet access. Simply visit www.myehealth.ca to register.

my ehealthBC Biomedical recommends this as the preferred method for patients to access their lab test results because my ehealth is:

  • Convenient, providing easy access to your lab results as soon as they are ready, anywhere you have access to the internet. You don’t have to wait for a hard copy in the mail.
  • Secure, using stringent security technologies and procedures to ensure your information is safe. You control who has access to your information. There is no risk of hard copy reports being delivered to the wrong mailing address.
  • Practical, allowing you to build a track record of test results so you can be more active in your own health care management. Results can be printed at home to share with your health care provider.

Important Change to Hard Copy Reports

Beginning March 1, 2011, BC Biomedical will charge a fee for hard copy reports. Patients who want a copy of their test results mailed to them will be billed $10 per lab visit or, in the case of a valid standing order, $25 per year. We recommend that you visit www.myehealth.ca today to register for free online test results, which are both more convenient and a more secure alternative to hard copy reports.

If you are a Standing Order patient who is presently receiving hard copy reports and you would like to discontinue hard copy reports, please call our Client Information Centre at 604-507-5070 or send us an e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .





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