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BC Biomedical Medical Staff

Medical Director of Laboratory Services

Michael T. Kelly, MD, PhD, FRCPC


Ferguson, David J. MD, FRCPC
Haley, Lawrence P. MD, FRCPC
Krikler, Samuel H.MB, ChB, FRCPC
Louie, Richard A. MD, FRCPC
Morrison, Douglas M. MD, FRCPC
Sigurdson, Grant MD, FRCPC
Wong, Michelle MD, FRCPC
Yeung, Wilson MD, FRCPC
Yu, Richard MD, FRCPC*

Medical Biochemistry

Cleve, Richard MD, FRCPC
Darbyshire, James M. MD, FRCPC
Garg, Arun K. PhD, MD, FRCPC
Heathcote, John C. MD, FRCPC*
Palaty, Jan PhD, FCACB


Henwick, Scott MD, FRCPC*
Mack, Ben MD, FRCPC
Purych, Dale MD, CCFP, FRCPC
Roman, Susan MD, CCFP, FRCPC
Tomblin, Joan MD, CM, FRCPC


Arikan, Yasmin MD, FRCPC (Infectious Diseases)
Imperial, Miguel MD, FRCPC (Medical Microbiology)
Noble, R. Michael MD, FRCPC (Hematology)
Wong, Christopher K. MD, FRCPC (Infectious Diseases)

* Director of clinical department

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