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What Our Employees Say About Us


“I love working here! The people in this organization truly care about each other, and the contribution we make to the public health system. I am always proud to say I work for BC Biomedical Labs and encourage others to seek job opportunities here. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away!”

Quote from employee survey, 2009

"There are so many things about this company to admire from the many charities they support, to the quality of work done, to how well we as employees are treated. I have always admired how well the company is run and even though it has grown so much, yet it has been able to remain connected to all employees. We therefore feel a sense of pride in our company and in our work, I think all of us feel part of a team and are very grateful to be part of this organization.”

Quote from employee survey, 2009

"I feel this company works hard towards achieving high standards by constantly looking to improve its processes. I am proud to have worked for this company for many years."

Quote from employee survey, 2009


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